Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Prague´s pop-up restaurant Forbidden Taste

First Prague´s pop-up restaurant Forbidden Taste (www.forbiddentaste.com) popped up for the first time last week. It opens every time in a different location (not known to the guests until the very evening)

The founders are Tino and Ivon, a couple from Slovakia, living in Prague for one and half years. Tino is an entrepreneur and runs his own clothing brand in Prague. And Ivon is a marketeer and also has her travel blog (www.ivonamission.com). They both travel a lot and love good food. But while testing the great Prague´s restaurants, they felt that eating should be much more than just good food. With a motto "Restaurants are boring" they decided to run their own pop-up restaurant.

Their pop-up restaurant is called Forbidden Taste and its first pop-up was on May 30th, 2013 for only one evening.
The location was revealed to the confirmed guests only in the evening of the pop-up. They received an sms at noon to come to a specific underground station where they got more instructions where to go. The venue this time was a former transformation station. During the whole evening, live music was playing. A six-course degustation menu (also secret until the dinner itself) was prepared by a young up-and-coming chef and the wine pairing enhanced the whole experience.
But it´s not only about an unexpected venue and good food. The third element of the Forbidden Taste are interesting people. Tino and Ivon believe that good food and this kind of experience attract interesting kind of people as well. The guests are not invited automatically; first they need to write why it´s them who should be part of the next Forbidden Taste and whom they would take along.

First forbidden menu:
  • Amuse bouche: Veal tartar with zucchini salad 
  • First course: Grilled crawfish tail with pea purrée 
  • Soup: Asparagus cappuccino with confit tiger prawn and pecorino cheese 
  • Cranberry granite 
  • Sous vide pork Tenderloin with puy lentils and thyme juice 
  • Dessert (homemade by the host - Ivon): Cabernet & Camembert cake 

+ homemade bread and bread sticks baked by Ivon, the host
They are planning to pop-up every one or two months with a different chef and the next pop-up should happen mid summer. People can sign up to the mailing list on the web (www.forbiddentaste.com)  and they will be informed as soon as the registrations are open. The seats of the first pop-up were taken by interesting people from different backgrounds pretty quickly.